A natural business-woman, Ali gravitates toward people with a ‘yes’ mentality. “‘Let's do it' is my go-to phrase," she explained. In addition to her indomitable positivity, Ali ensures clients receive a clear-cut inventory of the necessary steps to take their marketing and branding vision from the drawing board to the profit-margin—and then she handles the details. "One of the best things I get to do is connect with people," she said. "I learn their stories and hear their dreams for their businesses. We’re privileged to get to do that and to help make it a reality."

Prior to co-founding The Hive, Ali earned an MBA from Auburn University in Montgomery and coordinated International Logistics in Washington, DC and later worked in international finance with EBSCO Industries in Birmingham, AL. After moving to Santa Rosa Beach with her husband Rob, she opened Nest 30A, a home decor firm in Grayton Beach. 

“I don’t think there’s any other place like this,” she said. “There are so many great things happening in our area and we get to be a part of it.”

Ali serves on the board of directors of her daughter, Isabel’s preschool, The Tree House Episcopal Montessori School. Additionally, she is a sustainer of the Junior League of the Emerald Coast and member of Impact 100.


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