How to Talk to Kids about the Coronavirus

While we're in the middle of these uncertain times with the Coronavirus, it can be difficult to explain to kids what is going on. At the Hive, we've found these words from Registered Play Therapist Jeanine Rousso helpful when comforting children during the pandemic.

"I think more than anything, being open to talking about it and honest about things and allowing space for kids to be curious, worried or whatever else is always going to be best.  Validate feelings they might be having: "it's pretty scary to hear about some of this information." or "it's disappointing that we can't have play dates" or "you're tired of hanging out with mom and dad".  I would also stick to answering questions directly and succinctly. Some highlights I would hit:

-The virus is easy to pass along, so that's why we are staying at home and washing hands a lot, to keep everyone safe. 

-If someone in your family does get sick, they will be taken care of.  

-Most people who are getting the virus get a very mild case, especially little ones."

Jeanine Rousso

Registered Play Therapist and Mental Health Counselor 

J Rousso Counseling

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