State Farm grants $3,000 to BGCEC Money Matters Program

To fund the Fort Walton Beach Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast Teen Center’s Money Matters Program, State Farm Insurance has granted the Club $3,000 to help promote financial stability among teens by building their basic money management skills.  

“We’ve partnered with independent State Farm agencies before, but we’re thrilled to have this kind of support from this incredible, large organization,” said CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast Shervin Rassa. “It’s an incredible investment into these teens’ futures.”

The Money Matters Program was created by the Boys & Girls Clubs to provide behavior-changing financial education to help teens on a path toward budgeting, saving, planning for college and financial freedom. Comprised of five core units--Budgeting & Living Within Your Means, Saving & Investing, Planning for College, Credit & Debit and Entrepreneurship-- this program gives teens a real-world perspective on money, reaching them at a time where their behavior as earners, spenders and savers can be influenced.

“This incredible grant will fully-fund the 2019 program,” said Rassa. “We’re so incredibly grateful to State Farm for its generosity and look forward to providing these teens with the tools they will need to have a fiscally responsible future.”

Since the establishment of the Money Matters Program in 2003, it’s proven effective in having a positive impact on members of Boys and Girls Clubs across America. In a 2008 independent study of Money Matters, participants demonstrated improved financial behaviors, including statistically significant increases for opening checking accounts, applying for part-time jobs, developing spending plans and beginning to regularly save money.

“In 2017, we had nearly 300 teens participate in the Money Matters Program,” said Rassa. “And 57 percent saw an increase in their test scores.”

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