The Travel Trainer on 30a Brings Personal Training Services to your front door

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.— Anyone who has had a conversation with Sean Miller, The Travel Trainer on 30a, quickly understands why he’s a successful personal trainer, coach and athlete. His energy and encouraging nature are contagious!

Offering front door personal training services, boot camps, kids agility, balance and coordination camps, Sean has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re looking to start a fitness routine, want to keep training with guidance while on vacation or need a little accountability, The Travel Trainer on 30a is here to help.

As a personal trainer, Miller works to get clients to believe in themselves and their goals.

“It can be very hard to have and utilize consistency, but as the amazing Trina Gray says, ‘If you don’t believe in you, no one else will,’” said Miller.Something as small as a belief can establish clarity for your goals, dreams and aspirations of what you want to accomplish. Without belief, you can’t move forward.”

Miller’s the type of trainer that will meet you where you are-- literally-- and help you reach goals, stay accountable and encourage you every step of the way.

“Want to run, walk, bike, swim, paddle board, or need an intense training session? Whatever the work out or main fitness goal is, I am your answer,” said Miller.

This spring, Miller will be partnering with Grayton Beach State Park to hold Boot Camps and Kids Camps multiple days a week. In addition to the camps, Miller is offering front door personal training services, where he meets you at your house or another location along 30a. The Travel Trainer is offering several local discounts- visit, click the locals tab and enter LOCALSRULE! for pricing and details.

The Travel Trainer on 30A gives you an exclusive opportunity to receive high-end personal training with Sean Miller. Sean is a nationally-recognized personal trainer, ultramarathoner, triathlete and motivational speaker. He is the owner of Miller Fitness-- specializing in personal training, athlete performance programs and nutritional guidance. Sean is also the founder of the GOLocAL Initiative, a grassroots movement promoting health, happiness and longevity within our communities. Sean looks forward to offering his services to visitors and those that live in the Santa Rosa Beach area year round.

Visit to learn more about availability, classes and rates. Follow The Travel Trainer on 30a on Social Media to keep up with Sean and his clients!



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