Walton County Prevention Coalition urges the community to join them in their efforts

Since 2003, the Walton County Prevention Coalition, or WCPC, has been working in Walton County to educate parents and youth about the dangers of engaging in the use of drugs and alcohol at a young age.

“It is always a good time to teach kids ways to say ‘no’ to drugs and alcohol,” said Judea Kring of the WCPC. “We are working hard to continue giving parents and youth the tools they need to have tough conversations and to make smart choices in relation to substance use.”

This anti-drug coalition is an organization comprised of concerned citizens who represent a cross-section of community entities and collaborate to accomplish a mission of reducing substance use among youth and families.

The WCPC works to educate the community through a variety of channels, such as providing printed materials at local schools, updating its website with numerous resources for both parents and children, leading a bold social media campaign and keeping a presence at community events. However, it still urges both parents and children to take action and get involved with the coalition.   

“In a world where drugs, alcohol and tobacco are easily obtainable, we hope that by working with parents, area leaders and youth we will help keep our area’s young people from using drugs and alcohol,” says Stephanie McMinn.

The Walton County Prevention Coalition has partnerships with over 30 local businesses and government offices in Walton County, including the Walton County Sheriff's Department, Walton County School District, community churches, and nonprofits serving Walton County.

To get involved, consider joining the Coalition on September 20th at 3:30pm for their monthly meeting at The Northwest Florida State College Chautauqua Center in Defuniak Springs. You can also follow them on Facebook and help share the resources they have available with the community.

To learn more about WCPC and the resources it provides parents and children, visit its website at www.waltoncountyprevention.org.

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The Walton County Prevention Coalition, or WCPC, has a mission to reduce substance use for youth and families by developing an anti-drug coalition, which will be a cross-section collaboration of community entities. The coalition is tasked to strengthen efforts among public and private agencies so as to address environmental factors by identifying and maximizing resources and public awareness to reduce substance abuse among youth and families.

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