Wardrobe Made Simple offers new virtual styling option

We’ve all stood in our closets needing a little bit of guidance on what to wear with what. Which is why local stylist and closet organizing guru, Amy Giles, started Wardrobe Made Simple and has been helping local women and men deal with this dilemma. And, now, Giles is excited to announce an extension of her services-- offering a virtual styling option to making it easy to get fashion advice, via your mobile device, anywhere in the nation.

“So many of my clients have said they wish they could just call me for 15 to 30 minutes to talk about what they should wear to an event or ‘does this shirt go with these pants’ or just general quick styling advice,” said Giles. “This new virtual styling service opens that up as an option for them.”

Giles explained that this will be a fast, affordable option for clients to get her help. Clients can book a time through Calendly on her website, listing what they’d like to talk about, and she’ll make sure to text, call or video chat with them during that time.

Clients can use this time in anyway they want-- from asking if an outfit is appropriate for a certain event or working on accessorizing, to where to shop and for what. Pricing is done in 15 minute increments, and the scheduling software Giles uses allows clients to book anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the clients needs.

“We’re all busy,” said Giles. “And, it’s not always easy to block out time to bring someone over to help with styling. With the new virtual styling option, it’s a lot more flexible and is meant to help clients make quick outfit decisions.”

Giles, from a young age, was always the go-to friend for fashion advice, and through her passion for ever-changing style and self-expression, Wardrobe Made Simple was born.

She’s been assisting clients up and down the Emerald Coast and all over the Southeast with their styling choices since 2014, offering a variety of services from closet clean outs and personal shopping to vacation and work trip packing.

For more information about Giles and Wardrobe Made Simple, please visit www.WardrobeMadeSimple.net or contact Giles at (850)586-8800.

To book a virtual styling session visit www.wardrobemadesimple.net/virtual-styling/

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Wardrobe Made Simple is a personal-styling business based out of Santa Rosa Beach, serving men and women along the Emerald Coast. With a focus on education and empowerment, Personal Stylist Amy Giles works to help her clients express themselves through fashion, offering services such as Closet Clean Outs, Wardrobe Evaluations, Wardrobe Edits, Personal Shopping, and Packing.  Amy is also available for speaking engagements; discussing Overwhelming closets, Dressing Professionally, Body Types and more. For more information, visit www.wardrobemadesimple.net

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